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Catherine's Writing in Online Journals

Poetry Pacific (Spring 2017; Poetry Pacific, Canada).

Otoliths (Southern Autumn/May 2017; Otoliths Publishing, Australia).

Bird's Thumb  (December 27, 2016; Bird’s Thumb, Chicago, IL).

The Ekphrastic Review (August 13, 2016; Mixed Up Media, Canada).

Eunoia Review (July 11, 2016; Eunoia Review, Singapore).

The Offing (January 27, 2016; LA Review of Books, Los Angeles, CA).

Clockwise Cat  (November 2015, Issue 32; Clockwise Cat, Atlanta, GA).

Bird's Thumb  (October 2015, Vol. 6; Bird’s Thumb, Chicago, IL). 

Poetry Wales  (Spring 2015, Vol. 50, No. 4; Seren, United Kingdom).



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